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Pixify - Reel Maker With Beats.

Create reels from readymade trending templates using your photos in seconds and Go viral with Pixify Reel Maker and Music Beats! Follow the latest trends of instagram with one click.

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Amazing features of Pixify Reel Creator

Create trending reels in seconds with readymade templates of instagram

Effortless Photo Integration

Select templates, add photos from your gallery, and watch your video come to life with perfectly synced beats and seamless transitions.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate through our app with ease. The intuitive interface ensures a smooth experience for creators of all levels, making stunning reels accessible to everyone.

Beat Sync Transitions

Create captivating reels effortlessly by synchronizing your photos with the beat of the music. Enjoy seamless transitions that bring your content to a whole new level.

Endless Template Variety

Choose from thousands of templates featuring preset transitions and music. Explore different styles, themes, and trends to make your reels stand out in every way.

On-Trend Videos

Always stay relevant with our regularly updated templates to the latest sounds and music trends. Create videos that align with the current online buzz effortlessly.

Regular Updates

We keep things current. Regular content updates ensure our content stays aligned with the latest trends, while app updates enhance user-friendliness and introduce exciting new features.

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IG Reels

Add your photos with audio beat sync transitions.

Transform your photo sequences effortlessly with audio beats transitions, adding rhythm to your visual narrative. Elevate your storytelling experience – try it now for an exciting journey into photo creativity!


Select Template

Unlimited trending templates with music beat-sync


Select Photos

Use your photo memories from galley


Download & Share

Go viral in instagram

How it Works?

Download the app, sign up, and craft engaging reels.

Install the App

Quickly download and set up the application.

Select Template

Choose from thousands of templates featuring preset transitions and music.

Craft Reels

Express creativity by creating and sharing captivating video reels.

Choose Your Plan

Select the Perfect Subscription Package Tailored to Your Needs


30 Days of Premium Subscription Benefits

99 /month

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Enjoy a Full Year of Premium Access

999 /Year

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App Screenshots

Explore the App's Features through a Visual Journey in Screenshots


Download Pixify Now & Get started for free.

Experience the magic of creativity! Download Pixify now and begin your free journey into a world of limitless possibilities.

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